A Tribute To A King

Earlier this week, I had to say farewell, goodbye to a loyal friend, an artistic musician, and a passionate father. Joshua Curtis also known as JMac The Masterpiece, King JMac. I met Josh about eight years ago through a close mutual friend who I consider family. Josh was always fun and entertaining to be around, he always had a smile on his face. Not a lot of people knew this about me, but I myself had also been into music in my earlier years of life. Josh knew this about me, and always told me "he knew I got bars and no one else did", so this kind of became something that we shared between us. It was a bond, an understanding. As the years went by and lifestyle changes, we didnt hang out or speak that much, but when we did it was always something I could remember. Jmac then introduced me to Young Smurf, who I have become friends with over the years. I did a lot of their photos for promotion,album covers etc... . Josh was always fun in the studio we could laugh and crack jokes. He was never scared to try anything new. On our last shoot together we came up with a unique Idea. We wanted to create the effect of raining in the studio, so Josh decided he would hold the hose, as he sprayed the ceiling and the water fell down on him, he laughed, and said "this shits cold", but let's go" the shoot of course turned out epic. Little did I know then that would be our last shoot together. This moment has instanly became a great memory for me to have of Josh. He was so excited, he couldn't wait to see the photos. In March Josh sent me a message saying "Man I sure could use a good guy in my camp" I replied asking him what do you need? Josh replied "A team of folks behind me to help me make it can't do it alone with all these snakes". I told him I got him with whatever he needs, I now wonder if this was something else he was asking for?, did Josh not trust anyone he was around?. Im sorry I didn't pay more attention to this Josh, you understood the personal things I went on at the time. I know you forgive me and I forgive you. The last time we spoke was in June and he was planning his next photo shoot. Josh I will miss you, and I hope one day I get to see you smile again.

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